Episode 33: Francis Fever (SPECIAL EDITION)

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Sarah Hart: Love is the Kingdom

I've just been so incredibly moved by our sweet Francis this week that I could not help myself in writing a song for him tonight. Tried to imagine his words, his heart. Next best thing to being there ❤️ Love Is The Kingdom(For Pope Francis)(Sarah Hart)Show to me beauty that could compareTo love that came to us unawareFor in the shadows of obscurityLove shows me beauty no eye could seeShow to me riches I could possessGreater than those by which I've been blessedFor all I'm lacking, in my povertyLove gives me riches beyond my need Show me a path that leads me to moreThan I could gain from cross and from thornHere in this suffering, all for my sakeThere is no path I would rather takeShow me a kingdom sweeter than this:He is our God, and we are all HisMercy and peace, oh be born againLove is the kingdomLove is the kingdomLove is the kingdom So let us welcome it in

Posted by Sarah Hart on Thursday, September 24, 2015