Episode 5: The "A" WORD

A lot has been happening in the last week on The Catholic Sip podcast! Two parishes, St. Joan of Arc in Toledo, OH and St. Patrick's Church in Taylor Mill, KY, have added the show to their parish apps.  Welcome to all of their parishioners to The Catholic sip! We've also had over 1,400 plays of any one of our four episodes over the last week!  It is powerful to see the desire that people have to better their prayer lives.  We pray that The Catholic Sip can be a tool that leads all of us to grow closer in relationship with God. 

This week's show kicks off March Mayhem, where we will be producing a new episode each week of March.  We wanted to begin the month with some simple thoughts about the season of Lent. (By the way, it's not too late to get started on Lent if you haven't had time!) 

Our focus on today's show is: why don't we sing the "A" word (Alleluia) during Lent? More importantly, why do we as a Church fast from anything during Lent? Be sure to listen to this week's episode for some good conversation about why fasting is important.  We even discuss not just fasting from food - but other things too! 

If you are looking for a more detailed explanation of why we omit singing Alleluia during the Lenten season, you should CLICK HERE

This week Biff Rocha joined us to give us a sneak peek of the upcoming Toledo Men's Conference on Saturday, March 14.  For more information on the conference, visit www.toledomensconference.com If you are in the Toledo area, we hope to see you there! We'll be passing out info about the podcast and Michael will be leading music at the conference throughout the day. 

See you next week for a new episode!