Episode 2: Setting the Foundation

We have been overwhelmed with the response to Episode 1 of The Catholic Sip.  Thank you so much for listening to and supporting this endeavor .  We are blessed to be part of a community that so willingly desires to participate in this conversation and grow in faith together. 

Phil Ward, Tina Roth, Michael Puppos

Phil Ward, Tina Roth, Michael Puppos

This week we welcomed our first guest to the Catholic Sip, Tina Roth.  Tina is a long time friend and parishioner at Saint John XXIII.  As a former youth minister and spiritual director in training, we thought should would be the perfect person to discuss setting the foundation for a solid prayer life. 

Tina contributed two important elements to successful prayer: designated time and designated space. Although they seem fundamental, these two elements will help all of us be successful. 

Really, Tina is over Phil taking her job.  DISCLAIMER: No Phils were injured in the making of this episode. 

Really, Tina is over Phil taking her job. 

DISCLAIMER: No Phils were injured in the making of this episode. 

We give time to the important things and the important people in our lives.  Do we treat our creator with the same respect? Think about how you would feel if a family member or a friend simply "got some time in with you" while they were driving to their next destination or completing a task they would normally be doing anyway.  God deserves our most precious moments of the day.  This doesn't have to be 60 minutes.  Perhaps you only have 5-10 minutes, just make them count. 

Create a space for your prayer that allows you to clear your head and focus.  It doesn't have to be fancy, just comfortable.  If you live with other people, having a prayer space for the entire family to gather is always a great option.  It could be as simple as your favorite chair.  Wherever the space may be, use it each day and be consistent. 

In the midst of our discussion with Tina, a third element came up that (to be honest) we didn't really ever plan on discussing: being authentic.  Think about all of the relationships in our lives.  The people that we value and trust the most are the ones that we feel like we can "be ourselves" around.  Why should it be any different with God? Let's be honest - God already knows us perfectly, so why fake it? This is probably the most important element of the foundation.  A desire, vulnerability and openness to learn who God desires us to be, not just who we want to be portrayed as.

Tina also shared the story of a 27- year old Jewish woman, Etty Hillesum, who found God through prayer in the most horrific moments of her life.  She eventually died at Auschwitz. If you want to learn more about the diary of Etty Hillesum that Tina was mentioning throughout the episode, you can find the book {here.}

Next month will be FAMILY PRAYER FEBRUARY on The Catholic Sip - much more to come in the days ahead! 

Check back next week for blog entry 2.5 as we prepare for Episode 3, which will be released on February 10. 

[Episode 2 Challenge]

This week make the time, find the space and be authentic in whatever prayer you have already established in your life.  

Share your stories about WHERE & WHEN you pray below - we'd love to use some of them for Episode 3. 

We know there are other important elements in the foundation of YOUR prayer life.  We'd love to hear your insights and comments below!