Episode 1: Welcome to The Catholic Sip

Hey everyone! The first episode was published five days ago, and I must say the response has been overwhelming from our parishioners.  It's a good sign that people desire for this conversation to be happening in their lives.  I find it most exciting that we are able to stay connected with parishioners that have moved out of town, or are spending the winter months in warmer climates.  Technology allows our church to stay connected in so many ways. 

In addition to each episode, we'll use this blog to expand some of the ideas from the show and put key points down in writing for you.  This will be a great way for you to voice your thoughts on the show's topic below in the comments section. 

If you missed listening to the first episode, we took a little time to introduce ourselves and set the tone for what we hope The Catholic SIP will be.  (By the way, have you noticed that we inserted the word "Catholic" in the title since we recorded the first episode? More on this in Episode 2.) 

Our favorite portion of the first episode was the "word on the street" interviews from our parishioners.  We asked the question, "How and when do you pray?"  Responses came from people young and old, but we heard many key themes in their answers: 

  • Praying in the morning 
  • Praying while driving
  • Using music to pray
  • Prayers of gratitude 
  • Praying before bed

We asked this one simple question just to get an idea how people are already praying in their lives and how we can best use The Catholic SIP to make improvements in all of us.  For example, we briefly discussed that praying while you drive is great, but as our prayer lives mature we should be more intentional with prayer rather than just doing it while we are doing another activity.  

Most of all, we would like to express once again that we are no experts in prayer.  However, we hope to be facilitators for an ongoing conversation that will lead all of us one step closer to holiness.  

Episode 2 will come out on Tuesday, January 27.  We'll have our first guest on the show and we'll be discussing setting the foundation for prayer.  We'll talk to you soon!