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Welcome to the SIPSTER Community. 

At the heart of its mission, the Catholic SIP (Staying in Prayer) is an online community that facilitates light-hearted and meaningful conversations which allow people to grow in prayer and their relationship with God. Through weekly podcasts, a blog with eight contributing writers, a digital prayer community and more, the Catholic SIP is a relevant way for today’s Catholic to learn about his/her faith, share insights,  and have some laughs along the way. 

The Catholic SIP is quickly becoming a prominent and mainstream source of Catholic inspiration and entertainment. With hosts Michael Puppos and Nick De La Torre, and guests such as Bishop Daniel Thomas, Mark Hart (the Bible Geek), Matt Maher and Father Pontifex, it’s no surprise that every week thousands of people are faithfully tuning in!  


Meet the Hosts

Nick De La Torre (left) & Michael Puppos (right) 

Nick De La Torre (left) & Michael Puppos (right) 

Michael Puppos has served as the Pastoral Associate for Music & Liturgy at Saint John XXIII in Perrysburg, OH, since 2005.  A Toledo, OH, native, he graduated from Central Catholic High School and then Bowling Green State University.  Michael loves to explore the possibilities of contemporary music within the liturgy, while giving some of the traditional repertoire new life. 

Michael also serves as a director for EXCLAIM!, a summer music festival for the Toledo Diocese.

In his spare time Michael loves visiting the area metro-parks, finding fun places to eat, listening to music and spending time with friends. 

Michael lives in Perrysburg with his wife, Claire, and their two daughters.


Nick De La Torre is the Director of Evangelization & Parish Life at St. Joan of Arc Catholic Parish in Toledo, OH and lead singer & song writer for the band Of The Tower ( He attended Bowling Green High School and then Bowling Green State University. Nick loves food, craft beers and the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

In his spare time Nick loves researching Theological topics, playing video-games, watching good shows on Netflix, writing music and most of all, spending time with friends and family.

Nick lives in Maumee with his wife, Elena, and their two daughters.

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Recent Listener Reviews: 

Best show I’ve listened to. The guys are funny, down to earth, and make the Catholic faith relatable to everyone...
— oypadilla
One of the best shows you’ll find, the Catholic SIP blends both humor and real spiritual depth seamlessly...good for Catholics beginning their prayer journey or the prayer veteran looking for new ways to dive in.
— LT_RyanA
Take one sip of this podcast and you won’t be able to stop!!
— Ann2nette21
If you are looking for a show to help you deepen your relationship with God through prayer, this is the show for you! If you’re not listening to it you are missing out! Love the Catholic SIP!!
— AshleyAK21

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