Why Trust God?

Trust God. 

Just trust God. 

We hear it. All. The. Time. 

Almost to the point where it becomes cliche, a tidy little answer when someone shares a bleeding heart, a worrying mind, or a broken spirit. We shrug and say a pious "Just trust God," and we continue on our way. 

Am I saying it's not the answer? No way. There's a greater depth to those two words than any other phrase. The problems comes when the words roll off our tongues or echo in struggling minds without us plumbing to the very depths of what those words even mean. 

Because here's the thing. When we choose to trust God (yes! Trust a choice, not a feeling!), we are choosing to trust a Person rather than an outcome. I learned this long ago and maybe that's why I wrestle with it-- you can trust God and what you want as an outcome may not happen, and what you don't want may happen! 

But He is still good. He is still trustworthy. He's bigger. He's more. And as I begin to reflect on who this Person is, the desire grows to place my trust in Him. The outcome matters less as I get to know this Person more. 

So who is this God we trust? 

One of my favorite ways to deepen my trust in God is to reflect on who He has been throughout the centuries to His people. His titles. His attributes. My smartphone lock screen is a downloaded picture of a different attribute of God for each day of the month. Each day I'm reminded of the God Who Shows Mercy, the God Who Heals, The Comfort of the Downcast, or the God Who Equips Me. Each day I'm given a scripture passage that shows God in a new way. I'm reminded of His presence, His protection, and His providence. 

My knowledge of Him grows. I see Him in new ways.

And my trust deepens. 

Maybe I'm struggling to see the good from my efforts at the crisis pregnancy center. God reminds me He is the One Who Multiplies What We Sow.

Maybe I'm ashamed of confessing the same sins over and over in confession. He is the God Who Equips Me to Pull Down Strongholds. 

Maybe you feel overwhelmed today. Let me tell you that He is the God Whose Strength is Perfected in Weakness.

Maybe you feel discouraged or troubled or hopeless. Here's a gentle reminder of the God Whose Light Shines In Dark Hearts.

Maybe you feel unloved. Oh, sweet friend, there's a God Who Sees you, a God Who Remembers every moment of your life, a God Who Emptied Himself out of love for you. 

He is worth trusting. He is worth knowing.

So next time someone is sharing their doubts or their fears or their crosses with you? Tell them to trust God. But also tell them why. Tell them to trust God because He is the One Who _________...

I'll let you fill in that blank today in your prayer. Take a moment to reflect on who God is to you, who He has been, and who He will forever be. Praise Him for who He is. And then place your trust in Him.

Laura Range