Predictable God

On July 19, the tone of a Tweet I sent was filled with frustration. Here is what it said:

"Sometimes, I feel like I know exactly what will happen next in the ministry world. I don’t want to feel that way. I wanna be amazed." 

Have you ever felt that way before? 

Maybe your prayer life is becoming predictable. You say the same things each day.

Maybe God seems to respond to your situation in the same way every time. And honestly, it is not the way you want Him to respond. 

Maybe you see someone you love go down the same bad road time and time again. 

You hear other people’s stories or stories in the Bible and you see God doing these incredible things and you wonder why that doesn’t seem to happen to you. Your faith life has become predictable and you want to be amazed. I completely understand. 

Ever since I sent that Tweet, God has responded, and you guessed it, the response has been amazing. 

First, He sent me to this Bible verse:

Isaiah 43:19:

See, I am doing something new!

Now it springs forth, do you not perceive it?

In the wilderness I make a way,

in the wasteland, rivers. 

Those words, “do you not perceive it?” kept sticking out to me. Perhaps God is up to something new and I just need to perceive it. Perhaps the problem is not with God. Perhaps the problem is with me. So, I decided to pray a very dangerous prayer. I dare you to pray it.

“God, let me be overwhelmed by what you can do. Amen.”

Since that prayer, God has certainly overwhelmed me. Let me explain. As a youth minister, we do much of our Confirmation preparation in the summer through a “boot camp” that we call Catch the Spirit. Since every incoming freshman has to attend, it’s often frustrating trying to get all of the teens to care and engage. That was until I prayed that prayer.

Two days ago, two of the teens came up to me after the chastity talk (of all talks) and said that they’ve never thought of things like this and wondered how they could invite their friends to youth group.

One day ago, three other teens asked their parents to pick them up an hour late so they could spend time in the silent Adoration chapel.

These examples may seem silly, but to a youth minister, they don’t happen all of the time. Only God could surprise me like that, and that’s the best part! I realized that God was up to something bigger than I could ever dream. What was missing? I just needed to want it! I just needed to ask for it!

If you are ever feeling like God and your relationship with Him is boring or predictable, ask to be overwhelmed by His power and love. It seems to me that God is always eager to take His children up on that offer.