One Little Word

I'm not really into fads. I'd rather march to the beat of a different drummer. I don't jump on bandwagons very quickly. It took me a few years to finally buy a pair of skinny jeans (I held onto those flare jeans for dear life...and possibly still own a pair or two!). But every once in awhile, a trend will totally suck me in. 

Like the One Little Word trend in New Year's resolutions. Instead of writing a long list of goals and resolving to keep every single one then tossing the list by February 1st, this new movement is based on something a lot simpler. Choose a word. (Ideally, you pray about it first and ask the Lord to give you a word!) It's yours for the year. To ponder, to aspire to, to focus on. 

I liked it. A lot. So I joined in this year. My word?


I'm sure God's grace sent me this word and I'm going to need His grace to weave it into my life! Because when I look at my day in, day out living...intentional is not the first word I'd use to describe it! How often do I mindlessly scroll through Facebook or watching TV? How often do I prepare a healthy snack instead of grabbing a quick fix when I'm hangry? How often am I picking up a spiritual or theology book instead of browsing Pinterest? How often do I unplug everything and purposely go to a non-distracting place to pray for a longer period of time? Too often I -- or we? -- live without intention each day. Sure, we have some decent habits built in for prayer, health, and work, but are we growing intentionally into the person God created us to be?

So I'm resolving with my one little word this year. To live intentionally. To be intentional in my prayer life. In my relationships with family and friends and in my marriage. To be intentional in learning, loving, laughing, and taking care of myself and those around me. It's a focus shift. But it's beautiful. We were never meant to live this life on autopilot or in stagnancy. God desires us all to be be intent on seeing His hand in our lives and allowing Him to mold and shape us ever more into the saint He's called us to be. 

How can you be more intentional in your prayer this week? Ask the Lord how He might be desiring you to be more intentional in your relationships and your daily living. Perhaps even ask Him for your own 'little word' this year. 

God may not care whether you wear flare jeans or skinny jeans. But I have a feeling the One Little Word is a fad He will work through.

Laura Range