More Than A Feeling

Think about an orphaned puppy. (Heart Drop) He’s got cute little orphan puppy legs, cute little orphan puppy eyes and a cute little orphan puppy tail. Now, lets put this little precious animal in a cute little wheel chair. Is your heart melting yet? No…ok, how about we give him a little birthday cake as well, that he baked just for you with his little orphan puppy paws. Ok, now are you getting all fuzzy inside? Is your face getting uncomfortably warm? Is your heart bursting at the seams with emotions? 

Now, think about this- The Trinity. Boom, your heart is instantly as toasty as a turkey on thanksgiving. No? You mean you don’t feel the butterflies, or the spinning sensation of a Disney love song? Hmm, that’s strange. So, the perfect and infinite self-giving love of the Father for the Son being perfectly returned to the Father by the Son in such intensity that the Holy Spirit flourishes out of the love of the two, and that doesn’t even tap on the door of your emotions? 

No worries, this is not meant to be a guilt trip. 

…Maybe just imagine them all as puppies?

What is the point to all of my haphazard questions? Puppies, wheelchairs, birthday cakes- they all elicit some kind of thrilling feeling. In today’s culture it seems that we often allow feelings to rule far too much of our lives. Its not even that feelings are bad, the point however is that feelings don’t always assuredly lead us to the most important things in life. The Trinity is indeed the center of our faith and will one day be completely at the center of our lives in Heaven. The feelings stirred by the definition of the Trinity aren’t always riveting, yet if we give it sufficient time and meditation, it can be the most life giving source of our souls!

The reason I bring this all up is because in this summer time of retreats as a youth minister, I often hear the term, “Jesus High” being thrown around and I want to effectively delete that word from our Catholic vocabulary. The term “Jesus High” is often used to describe the lofty feeling usually experienced at a retreat from being close to Christ in prayer that is to inevitably dwindle away. The problem with this mentality is that once again, we are letting our emotions determine our reality, when our reality is far deeper than our emotions. 

Jesus is NOT a Drug. 

He, thankfully, is a Person. A Person who wants to enter into a living relationship with us. Jesus is a person who wants to walk with us in the good and the bad, in the high feelings of consolation as well as the beautiful mystery of our times of desolation. He is not limited to our feelings. Christ is present to us in all stages of life, and he extends his love to us generously and patiently. All we need to do is embrace it with hearts of faith, and give thanks that we have a God whose depth both treasures emotions and surpasses them. This love was displayed on a Cross, and that my friends is love much, much more than a feeling.