Cell Phone Directions and the Spiritual Life

I stared at the screen, waiting, waiting, waiting for the directions to appear on my phone as I nervously drove around the creepy part of the city acting like I knew exactly where I was headed.

But to no avail. A message popped up that my phone was searching for location and could I please check my settings to see if it was enabled?

I quickly hit the location button and waited the seconds-that-felt-like-hours until it found my ghetto whereabouts and the directions for me to escape...er...drive home from work.

I use my phone's GPS all the time as a newlywed living in a new area. But moments like that remind me that you can't find where you're going unless you know where you are.

Just like in the spiritual life. 

We all want to get to Heaven. We want to know Jesus more. We want to follow His plan for us. 

We know where we want to go but we don't always know how to get there. Sometimes we don't even really know where we are right now. Am I doing God's will? Am I growing in holiness? Am I on the right path?

Perhaps this Advent, you might try implementing a daily examination of conscience (such as this one) to better learn where you are and where you're going. An examination is simply a deeper look at our day through prayer and the ways we did or did not live for God throughout the day. You can ask the Lord for the grace to see the areas of virtue and the areas where you fell short. Let Him walk with you through the day and He will give you a clearer understanding of your path. Get to confession to be cleansed of the sins and stumblings and to receive grace for renewed vision and strength on your journey.

There may not be a Siri for the spiritual life, but we have the Holy Spirit! In prayer and in the sacraments, we find God. And when we are with God, we are always in the right place. No GPS needed.

Laura Range