The Voice of Truth

I am convinced that Christians and Catholics are waged in a battle that is very real and relatively unknown.

Sure, most of us understand the battle between good and evil. We are all too familiar with the battle against sin and the devil. But, there is another battle that we face each day. If it goes unchecked, it has the potential to crush our joy and lower our impact. It sounds something like this:

I will never have the kind of relationships I want…
God is so disappointed in how I…
I will never be able to get out of this…
I sound so stupid when I…

It’s the voice of the enemy who tries to drown out the voice of truth, the voice of God. This voice has the ability to dominate our thoughts and unless we are able to differentiate it with God’s voice, we will think its true.

Research says that we have over 60,000 thoughts per day. Do you know what percentage is negative? 80 percent! Eight out of every ten thoughts are negative in nature. 

I don’t normally spend an entire blog endorsing a book, but this is a game-changer. Pastor Steven Furtick of Elevation Church in Charlotte wrote, “Crash the Chatterbox” to speak of this battle ragging in our hearts. 

He writes:

If God is always speaking, it’s not a matter of me getting Him to speak into my life. It’s attuning my heart to His frequency so I can hear what He’s been saying all along. 

After, he poses a question that cuts to the heart. Even if you don’t read the book, ask yourself this question:

What guidance was God trying to give you today that you didn’t hear because it was buried by negative noise?

Gulp. This is a real problem. The book proposes four “confessions” as solutions to “crashing” the chatterbox of the enemy:

Confession 1: God says I am – Overpowering the lies of the enemy in your insecurities.
Confession 2: God says He will – Overpowering the lies of the enemy in your fears.
Confession 3: God says He has – Overpowering the lies of the enemy in your condemnation.
Confession 4: God says I can – Overpowering the lies of the enemy in your discouragement. 

We can do a lot of things to prepare for the New Year. But I know of no better way than to understand the difference between the voice of truth and the voice of the enemy. Let’s choose God’s voice as our guide. Let’s cut out the voice of the enemy. God has too much to accomplish in us to let the lies win in 2016.