He's Waiting for You

Greetings Sipsters!


This is the concluding chapter in my three part series of blogs on the subject of the Eucharist. Part One touched on some of the scriptural history of the Eucharist. Part Two was about taking the Lord’s presence out of the church by being His light to the world. In this blog I am going to discuss a way (other than the Holy Mass and Eucharistic processions) in which we can allow God’s true presence in the Eucharist to have an impact on our lives.


In the book of Exodus chapter thirty two we find the Israelites in a lost and confused state, desiring more than anything to worship and adore the God that led them out of captivity in Egypt into freedom and toward the promised land. With Moses nowhere to be found, the Jews took it upon themselves to construct an idol in an attempt to worship the God which liberated them. How often in our lives are our souls yearning for God but instead we turn to false gods?


In chapter thirty three, verse seven we learn that Moses constructed what he called the “Tent of Meeting.” Everyone who sought the Lord would go out to the tent of meeting to be near the presence of God.


Today, as members of the New Covenant, God manifests Himself physically to us in the Eucharist. He comes down to earth that we might receive Him into ourselves in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. Between Masses, He resides in the tabernacles of Catholic Churches all around the world. He is in the tabernacle to be present to us. We can come to Him whenever we desire. In special instances called “Eucharistic Adoration,” He (the Lord in the Blessed Sacrament) allows Himself to be exposed for us to come and adore Him. During Eucharistic Adoration, the Blessed Sacrament is held in an ornate structure called a Monstrance. The Monstrance serves a dual purpose. It serves as a throne for the King of all things, and through its ornamentation and artwork, the monstrance draws our focus to Him. Call your local parish to find out if and when they offer Eucharistic Adoration! If they don’t offer it, He is still equally present in the tabernacle.


Lord, help us not to seek false gods and the empty promises of the world when our souls yearn for You and You alone. Help us to turn to You and to stay focused on You. Help us to develop a devotion to being in Your Eucharistic presence. Thank You for availing Yourself to us so humbly, intimately and lovingly.


Your brother on the journey,

Nick De La Torre